Outlook Add-in: Manual Email Capture and Management

Outlook Add-in: Manual Email Capture and Management

AdvisorEngine CRM’s automatic email capture features sometimes require a manual adjustment to get information stored in just the right place. Below are options to manually capture an email to a Record or adjust an existing capture if needed.

Manual Email Capturing (Auto-match)

If Automatic Email Capturing is set to off, you can still quickly capture select emails to AE CRM with the Capture button . Select one or more emails in your current folder and click the Capture button. Selected emails will be processed according to the same rules used for Automatic Capture.

Manual Email Capturing (Manual Match)

If an email cannot be automatically matched to a Record, or would match to the wrong Record, you can simply capture an email directly to a specified Record.

  1. Select an email.
  2. Click the binoculars Search button .
  3. In the Last Name Search box, type the Last Name of a Person on the Record you want to capture the email to.
  4. Note:
    The search box only works using the Last Name of Persons. If a Record does not have a Person, it cannot be located with this method. AdvisorEngine recommends every Record have at least one Person.
  5. Select the Person from the results list and click Import to capture the email.

If an email has already been captured, the Capture and Search tools will be unavailable. You will need to use the Manage tool to move or remove the captured email.

Managing Capture Emails

Sometimes, an email is captured incorrectly. In these cases, the Manage tool allows you to either move the email to another (or new) Action or remove it altogether.

  1. Select an email you need to manage and click Manage .
  2. If more than one email has been linked to the same Action, you will see them all in the Related Emails box. Use the checkboxes to select all the emails you wish to adjust.
  3. Note: Only emails still in your inbox or sent items can be managed. Other items will be shown with a warning mark and cannot be selected for management.
  4. Select the operation to perform on the selected emails:
    • Remove from Action: Email will be removed from the Action. It then can be recaptured with the Capture or Search tools if desired.
    • Move to New Action: Creates a new Action on the same Record and links the email to it.
    • Move to This Existing Action: Enter in or search for the ActionID of an existing Action to attach the email to instead.
    Note: None of these options delete or alter the currently linked Action apart from removing the link to the email.
  5. Click Go to perform the operation. You are asked to confirm the change before it is performed.
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