Customizing Services at the Record Level

Customizing Services at the Record Level

Once a Service Level has been applied to a Record, it is possible to adjust the Service Monitor settings for that individual Record to offer personalized service as needed. See below for the customization options.

Editing an Existing Service

Warning! Making changes to Frequency, Interval, Lead Time, or Workflow to a Service at the Record level will disconnect it from the Mapping. Changes made to the Mapping going forward will no longer update the Service of that Record when this occurs. There is no visual indicator that a Record-level Service is disconnected from the Mapping.
  1. Open the Record to adjust the Services for.
  2. Navigate to Workflows > Service Monitor.
  3. Click Edit on any existing Service.
  4. Make any necessary adjustments to the Description, Frequency, Interval, Lead Time (days), Workflow, or Next Due.
  5. Click Add to submit the changes.

Adding a New Service

  1. Open the Record to add a Service to.
  2. Navigate to Profile > Service Monitors.
  3. Click Add New Service.
  4. Select the Service(s) to add to the Record. Only Services that are mapped to other Service Levels but not already mapped to the current Record’s Service Level will be available.
  5. Click Ok to submit the addition.

Removing a Service

Services can only be removed at the Record level if they were added at the Record level using the steps above.

  1. Open the Record to adjust the Services for.
  2. Navigate to Profile > Service Monitors.
  3. Click Delete to remove the Service.
Tip: Though you cannot delete a mapped Service at the Record level, you can edit its properties to make it clear that it does not apply to a particular Record. You can edit the Description and Workflow to make it clear it is not used on a Record. Furthermore, edit the Frequency, Interval, and Due Date so that it never realistically comes due.
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