Using the Workflow Monitor

Using the Workflow Monitor

The Workflow Monitor feature allows you to get a high-level few of Workflows in your system. You can then drill down to see the overall progress of any of these Workflows and even open to the individual Action steps of them.

The Workflow Monitor can be accessed for your entire database or for an individual Record. The function is identical in either, the only difference is which Workflows you will see.

Accessing the Global Workflow Monitor

  1. On the site navigation panel, hover over Workflow.
  2. From the pop-out menu, click Workflow Monitor.

Access the Workflow Monitor for a Single Record

  1. Open the Record you want to see the Workflow statuses for.
  2. In the Record Navigation, navigate to Workflow > Workflow Monitor.

Using the Workflow Monitor: Finding Workflows

The Workflow Monitor shows every Workflow that has ever been added to your system within a Grid. It is likely you will need to customize the Grid to see information useful to you. Review the details of Grid Features if needed.

Particularly you may find it beneficial to add columns such as Status or Date of Completion.


Status shows as either Complete or Incomplete. If all the Actions in a Workflow are marked Complete or have no Action Required, the Workflow will show as Complete. If any Action in the Workflow has Action Required and is not marked Complete, the Workflow will show as Incomplete.

Date of Completion

This will be the date the last incomplete Action of the Workflow was marked Complete. If a Workflow had only Actions with no Action Required, it will show as status Complete but the Date of Completion will remain blank.

Using the Workflow Monitor: Viewing Workflows

After locating the Workflow you want to inspect, click the expand button at the front of the Grid row.

A view of the Workflow Summary will open, followed by a Grid of the Actions in the Workflow.

Click any active Action in the Workflow Summary to be taken to that Action.

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