Recurring Actions Overview

Recurring Actions Overview

Recurring Actions are one of the AdvisorEngine CRM components used to automate Actions at regular intervals. See Recurring Actions vs Service Monitor to see if your needs are best served by Recurring Actions or the Service Monitor.

Recurring Action Components

Recurring Action Definition

A Recurring Action Definition contains all the details that tell AE CRM when to automatically create an Action in your database and what contents that Action should have. Each Recurring Action Definition belongs to one and only one Record. One Recurring Action Definition consists of a Range of Recurrence, a Recurrence Pattern, a Pending On setting and a unique Workflow Template.

Range of Recurrence

The Range of Recurrence settings define when the Recurring Action Definition will be active. The Recurring Action Definition will only generate Actions during the Range of Recurrence. You can set the date it will begin and when it will end, whether that’s indefinitely, after a set number of occurrences, or on a set date.

Recurrence Pattern

The Recurrence Pattern settings define the interval (or how often) the Recurring Action Definition will create an Action in the system. The flexible controls allow you to set almost any interval of days, weeks, months, or years. The first Action created by the Recurring Action Definition will have a due date of one interval after the Range of Recurrence begins.

Pending On

The Action/First Step Pending On controls define when the Action will actually appear in the system before the due date. It can be any amount of time before the due date so long as it does not overlap the previous due date.


The Workflow is the Action or series of Actions that are created in AE CRM when the Recurring Action Definition is triggered. Though it is initially sourced from a Workflow Template in your database, each Recurring Action Definition stores its own copy of the Workflow that is used when the Recurring Action Definition is triggered. In other words, if you want to edit what Action the Recurring Action Definition creates, you have to edit the Recurring Action Definition itself. Editing the Workflow Template it was based on will not affect the Recurring Action Definition.

Viewing Recurring Actions

Global Recurring Action list

To view a list of all Recurring Action Definitions in your database, use the Site Navigation bar to navigate to Actions > Recurring Action Definition. All Recurring Action Definitions will show, including the date they began, the next time they will occur, and the recurrence pattern.

Click expand at the start of a line to see a history of the Actions created by the Recurring Action Definition. Recurring Action Definitions that have ended will show blank for the Next Occurrence.

Record Recurring Actions

To view a list of all Recurring Action Definitions belonging to a single Record, open the Record into Record Detail view and navigate to Actions > Recurring Action Definition. The Grid is functionally identical to the global view above, but lists only those that pertain to the current Record. Changes to Recurring Action Definitions can only be made from this Grid.

Identifying Actions as Recurring

From most Action Grids, use the Column Chooser to add the column Recurring. If an Action was created from a Recurring Action Definition, the column will show a recurring icon ActionGridRecurring.png.

Getting Started

Ready to start creating your own Recurring Action Definitions? Take a look at the help topic for Creating Recurring Actions to get started.

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