Viewing Another User’s Pending Actions

Viewing Another User’s Pending Actions

AdvisorEngine CRM has a built-in view to allow you to see your own pending Actions, but you can view the pending Actions of other Users through the application of a few Grid Filters.

  1. Navigate to the All Actions Workspace (Actions > All Actions from the Site Navigation Bar).
  2. Use the Column Chooser to enable the following columns if they are not already available:
    • Assigned to
    • Action Required
    • Complete
  3. Use Column Filters to apply the following filters to the columns you added:
    • Assigned to Is equal to the User you want to see the Actions for 1.
    • Action Required Is True.
    • Complete Is False.

1 User name is formatted as LastName, FirstName. If you have difficulty getting results, try using the Contains logic instead and entering a partial name.

If this is a view you intend to use often, be sure to save this as a Grid Template for future use.

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