Action and FYI Alerts Overview

Action and FYI Alerts Overview

Action Alerts come in two different types.

  • ActionAssigned: Created when an Action with Action Required is assigned to you by another User.
  • ActionFYI: Created when an Action is saved with your name checked in the FYI box.

Receiving Action Alerts

AdvisorEngine CRM has two means to communicate that you have unacknowledged alerts.

Alerts Icon

From nearly anywhere in AE CRM, you can look at the alerts icon in the upper right of your screen to see how many unacknowledged Alerts you have (this number will include Action Alerts and System Alerts). Click the icon to open the Alerts window.

Alert Pop-up Reminder

If enabled in User Profile > User Preferences, a pop-up will show in the bottom-right of the CRM at regular intervals so long as you have unacknowledged alerts. Click the link Click here to see your messages to open the Alerts window.

Action Alerts Controls

The following commands are available from the Action Alerts window:

  • Acknowledge or Acknowledge All: Confirm that you have received the Alert. The Alert will disappear from your Action Alerts. The Action Card in the Action Summary will show a green check mark by your name to indicate that you have acknowledged the Alert. Alerts can be acknowledged individually or all at once.
  • Postpone or Postpone All: Temporarily clear the Alert from your Action Alerts for a set amount of time. Choose how long you want to postpone the Alert for from the Postpone drop-down list. Postponed Alerts will pop up like new after the interval has passed. Alerts can be postponed individually or all at once.
  • Record Name: Click the name of the Record in the Alert to navigate directly to the Record Details for the Record that the Action belongs to.
  • UIActionID: Click the number of the Action to be taken directly to the Action Card in Action Summary view.
Tip! You can use your web browser’s Open in New Tab function on the UIActionID link to open multiple Actions assigned to you without leaving Action Alerts.
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