Adding New Actions or Workflows

Adding New Actions or Workflows

Actions added to AdvisorEngine CRM must be created from a Workflow Template that can have any number of fields pre-populated. Many generic template options are included with your database. These may be edited or more may be created through Workflow Templates.

Actions may be added in the following ways:

  • Add an Action to a Record.
  • Add an Action to multiple Records.
  • Add a related Action to an existing Action (Extending a Workflow).
  • Add Actions when creating correspondence (letter or email).
  • Add an Action from a calendar appointment.
  • Automatically add Actions at service intervals through the Service Monitor.
  • Automatically add Actions at calendar intervals through Recurring Actions.
  • Automatically add Actions through Email Capture with the Local Outlook Add-in or Microsoft 365 integration.
  • Automatically add Actions through an Alerts Integration partner.

Adding a new Action to a Single Record

Actions may be added to a single Record from the Record itself or from the Record Workspace.

From the Record Workspace:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the Record.
  2. Click Add Action from the upper-right toolbar and select the Workflow Template to begin from.

From within a Record:

  1. With the Record open, click Tools in the upper right.
  2. Click Add Workflow and select the Workflow Template to begin from.

The behavior here differs depending on whether you select a Workflow Template with only one step or a multi-step template.

Single Step Workflow

  1. The Add Action dialog will appear, pre-populated with whatever content is part of the template you selected. Add any additional details you need. See Action Fields Overview for more information on what can be entered into an Action.
  2. Choose your save method.
    • To save the Action and go back to what you were doing, click Save & Close.
    • To save the Action and go to the Action Summary view for the new Action click Save & Add Related. From there you can follow the steps below for Adding a Related Action to an Existing Action.

Multi-Step Workflow

  1. The Add Workflow dialog will appear. Review the overall Workflow to see if it is correct and make any needed changes.
    • Adjust the Workflow Start Date if necessary.
    • If the wrong Workflow was selected, use the drop-down in the upper left to select a different one.
  2. Click Add Workflow. The Workflow will be added to the Record and you’ll be returned to where you began.

If changes or additions need to be made to the Workflow, you will need to open the new Action from the Action Workspace or the Record Actions Grid and edit it from there using the Edit Actions tools.

Adding a new Action to Multiple Records

The process above can be applied to multiple Records simultaneously. Note that this does not create a single Action linked to each Record, but rather creates a copy of the Action for each Record it is applied to. This means that any edits made to the Action after it is created must be made on each copy of the Action on each Record, not just once for each.

To accomplish this, navigate to the Records Workspace and select all the Records you want using the check boxes. You can use Grid Features and Searches to make the process of selecting the correct Records easier. Once your Records are selected, click Add Action from the upper-right toolbar and select the Workflow Template to begin from.

From here, the process continues just like adding an Action to a single Record, except the end result will be applied to all selected Records.

Adding a Related Action to an Existing Action

To continue or add on to a Workflow, navigate to the Action Card you want to continue from. Use the More menu and select Add Related Action and the Workflow Template to add. See Working with Multi-Step Actions (Workflows) for more information.

Adding Actions Through Other Methods

See the following help articles for information about other methods of adding Actions in AE CRM.

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