Action Overview View

Action Overview View

The Action Overview view is your primary means of viewing the details of an Action, seeing all related Actions and linked items, and making any necessary changes or updates to the Action. To enter the Overview view for an Action, select that Action from any Action Grid.

Action Overview Sections

The Action Overview can be divided into three basic sections:

  1. View Controls: Allow you to control how much and what information you view for the Action Cards.
  2. Summary Controls: Various controls for viewing and navigating the entire Workflow and related information.
  3. Action Card Controls: Controls available when viewing an Action Card in view mode.

View Controls

Show filter

Along the top of the Overview you will find new controls to adjust your view. The first of these drop-down menus is the Show filter. Selecting an option from this list will hide all Action Cards in the summary that do not meet the criteria selected. Options include:

  • All: The default view. Shows all Action Cards in the Workflow.
  • Past Due Only: Show only Action Cards in a Past Due state.
  • All Incomplete: Show all Actions Cards with Action Required that are not complete. This will include all Past Due as well.
  • Complete: Show all Action Cards that have no Action Required or are marked Complete.
  • By Assignee: Select a User name from the list to see only Actions assigned to that User. Only Users that are assigned to Actions in the current workflow will be listed as options.

Expand and Collapse filters

Actions may be collapsed or expanded in bulk using the commands along the top of the Overview. Options include:

  • Expand drop-down: Expand only the cards with the criteria selected from the drop-down. The options available are the same as the Show drop-down described above.
  • Expand All: All visible Action Cards are expanded.
  • Collapse All: All visible Action Cards are collapsed.

Note Width Controls

Choose whether to view your Action Cards with the Notes column at default width or full width. The selection you make will be applied by default to every Action Card you view. The note width can be toggled in an individual Action Card as well (See Action Card Controls below), but whichever setting you choose here will be the default view when a Workflow is opened in Action Overview.

Summary Controls

Multi-Step Summary

See a quick overview of all the related Actions in this Workflow, how they relate to each other, and which Actions might still be yet to come in the Workflow. You can also reorder the Actions in the Workflow from this box. See Working with Multi-Step Actions (Workflows) for more information.

Print Entire Sequence

Opens the entire Workflow in a printer-friendly format. See Printing Actions and Workflows for more information.

Linked Items

See at a glance if any items are linked to the Actions in the Workflow and quickly jump to the list to look at them. See Linking Items to Actions for more information.

Action Card Controls (View Mode)

The following controls are available when viewing an Action Card from the Action Overview. See Editing Actions for details on the controls available in edit mode.

Complete Without Note/Undo Completion

Clicking this control at the head of any Action will mark the Action complete at the current date and time by the active User. Click the control again to undo the completion of the Action if needed. This option is also available from the More menu.

This control may be disabled by your CRM Admin in Firm Preferences. See Completing Actions for more information.

Note: Using this control will leave no log in the system of what specifically happened to complete the Action. AdvisorEngine recommends always adding details to indicate how the Action was completed.


Use this toggle control at the head of any Action card to collapse the individual card down to the header only. Click again to toggle back to expanded view.

Status Icons

The icon in the header of each Action Card indicates the status of the Action at a glance.

  Either the Action is completed or no action was required.
  There is Action required but it is not yet due.
  There is Action required and it is past due.

Edit Action 

Use this control to switch the Action Card to edit mode. You can only edit one Action in a Workflow at a time.

More Menu

Use this menu to access the following additional commands on the Action Card:

  • Add Related Action: add a child Action to the selected Action. See Working with Multi-Step Actions (Workflows) for more information.
  • Print Action: Open the contents of the single Action in a printer-friendly format.
  • Complete Without Note: Same as clicking the complete without note button on the Action Card header. See above for details of this item.
  • Delete Action: Delete the Action Card from the Workflow. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. This cannot be undone. The Delete option is not available for Action Cards with dependent steps. Move or delete the dependent steps first.

Expand/Collapse Notes

The Notes box may be expanded horizontally to cover the entire Action Card. Click the arrow on the right side divider to expand to full view. Click again to restore the view of the additional fields.


Along the right side of the card, see who was assigned to the Action and who was FYI’d on the Action. A green checkmark indicates that the Alert was acknowledged by the User. See Action and FYI Alerts Overview for more information.

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