Performing Record Searches

Performing Record Searches

The Record Search function of AdvisorEngine CRM allows you to quickly look up and open a single Record from your database.

The Record Search bar is available from most views in AE CRM near the top right of the window.

Performing a Record Search

  1. Click in the Record Search bar.
  2. Begin typing any search criteria to locate a Record. Results will dynamically update below the search bar. Record search checks the following fields on a Record using “Contains” logic to find matches:
    • Record Name
    • Person 1 First Name
    • Person 1 Last Name
    • Person 2 First Name
    • Person 2 Last Name
    • All Phone Number entries
    • All Email Address entries
    • Record ID
  3. Click a Record from the results list to open that Record.

You can narrow your search to only a certain field by typing a prefix before your criteria:

r: Record Name
e: Email addresses
l: Last Name
f: First Name
p: Phone Numbers
ID: Record ID

For example, type r:Smith to find only those Records whose Record Name contains Smith.

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