Filtering Grids

Filtering Grids

The results listed in any CRM Grid may be filtered based on the contents of a column and the criteria you specify.

For example, you may wish to view only those Records with a particular Advisor 1, or find Records whose Primary Phone is blank.

Adding a Filter

  1. Click the funnel on the column to filter by.
  2. Enter your filter criteria. (The available options to filter by will vary based on the data type of the column.)
  3. Click Filter to view the results. The funnel icon changes to denote an active filter .

You may filter more than one column at a time to further refine your view.

Removing an Active Filter

  1. Click the active funnel .
  2. Click Clear Filter.
You cannot add multiple filters to the same column, but you can accomplish the same results by using an Advanced Search.
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