Navigating Grids

Navigating Grids

Grids in AdvisorEngine CRM have basic navigation features to help you move around and view your data easily. Along the bottom of most Grids you will find the following controls.

Expand or Compress Vertical View

Expanded view will continue the Grid vertically until it has shown the number of items specified by the Displaying items drop-down. Compressed view will stop the Grid at the bottom of your web browser and provide a vertical scrollbar within the Grid.

Refresh Grid

Refresh the contents of the current Grid to reflect any changes made by another User or within another web browser tab. Refreshing will not remove any current filters, groupings, or searches you have applied.

Page Navigation

When the contents of the current Grid extend beyond the number of items set by the Displaying items drop-down, use these buttons to move between pages of data.

Displaying items drop-down

Select the number of rows to display per page in the current Grid.

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