Profile Information Overview

Profile Information Overview

The Details > Profile Information section of a Record provides access to all the base-level Record and Person fields. While any of these fields can be configured to appear on the Record and Person summary cards, this section will always give you access to all the fields, regardless of the summary configuration.


Top-level Filter

By default the Profile Information page shows all relevant information for the Record and all Persons on the Record. This view can be filtered to show only details related to a single Person on the Record. Click on the Record Name at the top of the page to select which Person to filter by.

Collapse Sections

Click the header of any section to collapse the section. Click it again to re-expand.

Making Changes

To edit any field in Profile Information, hover over the field or section and click EDIT or when it appears. After making changes, click to commit your changes.

Available Fields

Record Fields

Field(s) Description
Record Name Name given to the Record as a whole.
Record Type Edited with the Record Name. Describes the type of information contained in the Record. IE, is this a Person, a Trust, a Business, a Vendor, etc.
Record ID The internal number assigned to the Record. Cannot be edited.
Date Became Client Notes the date business with the client was begun.
No Mail Check this box to have the Record automatically excluded from printed mass mailings.
Integrations Displays relevant information from any enabled integrations such as Riskalyze, Schwab, or others.
Orion ID If Orion Contact Push is enabled, displays the linked Orion ID.
Advisor 1, Advisor 2 Set the primary and secondary Advisors for this Record (a User must be marked both Active and Show on advisor list in their User Profile to be added here).
CSR, any Custom Team Members Set the CSR for this Record (a User must be marked Active their User Profile to be added here). See Creating Additional Team Member Positions for further details.
Office Which Office the Record belongs to. See Managing Record Visibility through Offices.
Owner Group The CRM User Group that can see this Record.
Editor Group The CRM User Group that can make changes to this Record. See Managing Record Visibility and Security through Owner and Editor Groups.
Created The CRM User that created the Record and the date it was created. Automatically filled on Record creation. Date cannot be edited. Shows on Record Grids as Created By and Date Created.
Verified Marks the last time the Record was checked for accuracy. Stores the User and date it was last checked. Must be manually updated. Shows on Record Grids as Verified By and Date Verified.
Last Meeting Shows the Completed Date for the last Action with a Type of Meeting. Automatically filled from Action information and cannot be edited here.
Meeting Frequency Set the intended client meeting frequency for use with the Meeting Monitor Report.
Referred Set the Referred By, Referred By Date, and Source of the referral. See Entering and Reporting on Client Referrals for full details.
Termination If the Record is no longer a client, set the Termination Date, Termination Amount, and Termination Reason here.
Classifications Classifications applied to the Record. See Classifying and Tagging Records for full details.
Tags Tags applied to the Record. See Classifying and Tagging Records for full details.

Person Fields

Field(s) Description
Person Name Edit the Person Name to change First Name, Last Name, and Relationship to Record. Relationship to Record describes how the Person is associated to Record as a whole, such as Client, Spouse, Trustee, etc.
Person ID The internal number assigned to the Person. Cannot be edited.
Integrations Displays relevant information from any enabled person-level integrations such as Constant Contact, Schwab, or others.
Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Nickname, and Maiden Name Available name fields.
Initials Initials are automatically filled when a Person is created but will not auto-update if name changes occur. Make any updates here.
Gender Additional genders can be defined in List Maintenance if needed.
Marital Status, Birthday, Age, Wedding Anniversary, Deceased, Date of Death Store important life dates and information in these fields. Marital Status and Anniversary must be added to both relevant Persons seperately. Age is calculated automatically from the Person Birthday. If a client has been marked Deceased, the Age will no longer display.
Birthday List Check this box to have the Person appear on the Birthday Tool and Birthday Reports.

Additional Sections

Navigating to Details > Profile Information also displays the following Details sections below the Profile Information section:

  • Contact Info: See Contact Info Overview for more details.
  • Employment: Store details of the Person’s current or past employment.
  • Interests & Favorites: See Tracking Interests & Favorites for more details.
  • Identification: Store SSN, Residence, Driver’s License, and Passport information.
  • Custom Fields (User Defined Fields): See User Defined Fields for more details.
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