Navigating a Record

Navigating a Record

Note: If you are still using the Legacy Record layout, see Navigating a Record (Legacy) for more details.

Being able to quickly navigate and access all needed Record sections will drive your efficient use of AdvisorEngine CRM. The following navigation features are available:

Change Layouts

To switch to the Legacy Record layout, go to Tools > More Tools > View Old Record layout. You can switch freely between layouts any time.

Change Landing Behavior

By default, the Record opens to the Record Summary Page. This behavior can be changed in User Preferences so the Record opens to the last Record section viewed instead.

Record Sections Navigation

All sections of the Record can be accessed from the navigation bar found under the Record header. Click on any section to jump directly to it. See Record Detail Overview for a description of each section.

The navigation options available can be hidden to streamline workflow if desired using Record Layout Configuration.

Return to List, Previous/Next Record

Click to jump back to the Record Workspace Grid. Use and buttons to navigate back and forward through Records in the order they were displayed in the Record Workspace Grid you came from. This will include any filters, sorts, or searches that you had applied.

These buttons will not be available if you did not enter the Record from the Record Workspace.


Clicking the Reminders icon will bring up an overlay showing any currently active Reminders on the Record. Click the icon again to dismiss the overlay. The icon will have a number indicating how many Reminders are currently set on the Record.

Summary Cards view

Clicking the Summary Cards icon will bring up an overlay showing the Record and Person summary cards from anywhere in the Record. Click the icon again to dismiss the overlay.


The Tools button allows quick access to common Record-level activities, such as adding a Workflow, creating correspondence (email or printed document), or generating a report on the Record. Record-manipulation tools to copy, merge, or split Records are also available here. If enabled for your firm, a user may also customize their Record Layout options here. Hover over any icon for a more options in any given category.

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