Copying Records

Copying Records

AdvisorEngine CRM allows you to create a duplicate of any Record in your database with the Copy or Split Record Tool.

The following behaviors will occur with a Record copy function:

  • All basic Record-level data will be duplicated onto the new Record.
  • Extended Record-level data can be copied or not based on selections in the tool.
  • The Persons on the current Record will be linked to the new Record copy. The source Record will be set as the Person’s primary Record. See Linking a Person to More Than One Record for more details on linked persons.
  • Assets on the Record will not be duplicated. You will be given the option to select which assets will belong to which Record.

Creating a Copy of a Record

  1. Navigate to the Record Details view of the Record to copy.
  2. Click Tools > Record Settings > Copy or Split Record from the Record Toolbar. The Copy or Split Record Tool will open and default to Copy behavior.
  3. Enter a name for the new Record copy.
  4. Select which areas of the Record you want to duplicate into the new Record using the checkboxes.
  5. If the Record contains any assets, they will be left on the source Record by default. Click Keep on Original for any asset to change its behavior to Move to New Record.
  6. When all settings are configured, click Copy Record. You will be asked to confirm the process.
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