Merging Records

Merging Records

This tool allows you to take two distinct Records in AdvisorEngine CRM and merge them together. You will be able to specify which data from each Record to merge or discard.

Use this feature with care; it cannot be reversed. The original Records will no longer exist, only the new merged Record after the process is completed.
  1. Navigate to the Record Detail view of Record you want to merge into another. The Record you start in is considered the “Source Record”.
  2. From the Record Toolbar, click Tools > Record Settings > Merge with Another Record. The Record Merge Assistant will open.
  3. Use the search bar to select a Record to merge into. This is the “Destination Record”.
  4. Read carefully and set your options in the second box for which Persons or Record information to keep.
  5. Select which items from Additional Data you want to keep of the “Source Record” when merging into the “Destination Record”. All of the listed items in the “Destination Record” will be kept regardless. Any items selected will have those items of the “Source Record” appended to the “Destination Record”.
  6. Caution! Recurring Action Definitions (RADs) are not included in this list and cannot be imported. Take careful note of any RADs on the Source Record that will need to be recreated when the merge is finished.
  7. Take a moment to double-check all the options you have selected to ensure they are exactly how you need them.
  8. Click Merge Records to complete the process.
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