Adding Phone Numbers

Adding Phone Numbers

Before filling in contact info on a Record, please review the Contact Info Overview article to become familiar with the structure AdvisorEngine CRM utilizes to store contact information.

  1. Navigate to the Record Detail of the Record you want to add a phone number to.
  2. Navigate to the Details > Contact Information section.
  3. Click +Add New.
  4. Set the select type drop-down to Phone number.
  5. Set the select recipient drop-down to the Record or one of the Persons on the Record.
  6. Enter the Phone Number.
    • Click Formatting below the Phone Number field to auto-format the phone number for American standard numbers.
  7. Fill in any other optional fields as needed.
    • Type: Indicate the type of phone line: home, business, cell, fax, etc.
    • Label: A unique text label to identify this phone number.
    • Set as primary: Is this the primary number to reach the party identified with select recipient?
  8. Click Add to store the new phone number.
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