Creating Additional Team Member Positions

Creating Additional Team Member Positions

By default, each Record in AdvisorEngine CRM has fields to assign three Team Members to the Record: Advisor 1, Advisor 2, and CSR.

If needed, additional Team Member positions can be created. These positions will appear on all Records and any active User can be assigned to the position per Record. These positions are created in List Maintenance and assigned on each individual Record.

Defining Additional Team Member Positions

  1. Navigate to Settings > List Maintenance.
  2. Locate and select the List Maintenance item Team Member Designation in the upper Grid. The lower Grid will populate with currently defined Team Members.
  3. Click + ADD to begin adding a new Team Member.
  4. Name the new Team Member position and click to save.

You can also edit , and delete custom Team Members from this Grid.

Advisor 1, Advisor 2, and CSR are system-level designations that cannot be changed.

Assigning Users to Additional Team Member Positions

On an individual Record, Team Members appear as part of the Record Level Profile Information located in Details > Profile Information. Team Members can also be configured to appear and be edited from the Record Summary card.

  1. Open the Record you want to edit.
  2. Click edit on the Team Member position field.
  3. Select a User for the custom Team Member.
  4. Click to commit your changes.

Optionally, custom Team Members can be assigned in bulk with the Record Data Change Tool.

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