Record Workspace Overview

Record Workspace Overview

The Record Workspace of AdvisorEngine CRM provides access to a Grid of all accessible Records in your database. The Record Workspace is accessed from the Records tile of the Home screen or by clicking Records > Records from the Site Navigation.

Some of the unique features of the Records Workspace include:

Last 20 Records

The Record Workspace has a built-in Search definition available that shows only the most recent 20 Records you have accessed. View this Search by clicking Last 20 Records from the Records tile on the Home screen or by clicking Records > Last 20 Records from the Site Navigation. This feature is not to be confused with the Last 20 Records quick access drop-down.

Alphabetical Filter

Click any letter on this line to filter the Record Workspace by that letter. You will see all Records whose Record Name begins with the selected letter. Click # for any numbers or special characters. Click ALL to remove the filter.

Record Preview

View the summary of any Record in the Record Workspace by clicking the plus at the head of the row. Click the minus to collapse the preview.

Open a Record

Any Record listed in the Record Workspace can be opened directly from the Grid by clicking on the Record’s row.

Record Selection Tools

Many of the tools available in the Record Workspace Command Bar require first selecting one or more Records to use the tools on. Select Records by clicking the checkbox at the head of any Record row. The number of selected items will display at the top of the Grid.

Shortcuts at the top of the grid can also be used to select all, select none, or Select Page (all the Records in the current visible page of the Grid).

Record Workspace Command Bar

AE CRM contains a number of tools for working on one or more Records quickly from the Record Workspace. The following options are available from the Record Workspace Command Bar:

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