Leveraging Your Web Browser

Leveraging Your Web Browser

None of the below is strictly AdvisorEngine functionality, but since AE CRM does run in a web browser, why not take advantage of the features your browser already has to make life easier on you?

Here are some suggestions.

New Tabs

Your browser can open multiple tabs, why not put your CRM in more than one? And don’t just open a new tab, navigate to AE CRM, and then open what you want. Open it right from where you’re already browsing.

Many areas of AE CRM can be opened directly into a new tab (some even do it for you automatically). Right-click on a link and select Open in New Tab (if you have a middle mouse button, that often works as a direct shortcut, too).

Some areas, like Grids, don’t support this. Instead, right click on the tab itself at the top and click Duplicate. In the new tab click on where you want to go.

As handy as this is, be careful to limit how many tabs you’re working in. If you end up in the same area in two different tabs and make changes in both, only one version of your changes will save! Keep your open tabs manageable!

Side-by-side Tabs

It’s great to be able to quickly jump between CRM pages but what if you want to work at them side by side? Right-click and select Open in New Window or grab one of your existing tabs and drag it away from the main window to separate the two tabs into separate windows.

Next, use the Windows shortcut of Window Key and left or right arrow on your keyboard to stack the current window to the left or right half of your screen. Do the same but opposite for your second window and now you’ve got your data side by side.


Need to see more at once? Or see it bigger? Your browser has a zoom function you can activate to zoom in or out on your data. There’s more than one way to do it and the available methods may vary by browser but here’s one that works in most anything:

  • Hold Ctrl and press the =/+ key to zoom in.
  • Hold Ctrl and press the -/_ key to zoom out.


Looking for something specific on a long page of information? Your browser can do a simple search on any active web page. Press Ctrl+F to activate the search function. Start typing and watch the results appear. Use the up and down arrow buttons on the search box to jump to each match if there’s more than one.

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