Help Launcher Overview

Help Launcher Overview

The AdvisorEngine CRM Help Launcher is available from nearly everywhere in the CRM to assist you with in-app guidance and information.

Activating the Help Launcher

The Help Launcher is available anywhere in AE CRM that you can see this icon in the top right.

Click the icon to activate the Info Center. From here, different resources can be accessed. To dismiss the Help Launcher, click the icon again.

Help Center

This section allows you to browse and view the entire contents of the Help Center right from within AE CRM.

Open the Help Launcher and click Help Center. Based on your location in the CRM, suggested articles will appear. Type in the search box to find articles on a specific topic. Click any article to open and review it right within the Help Launcher. If you need to read the article in a full-page format, click the pop-out button on the article.

What’s New

The What’s New section contains product-related announcements as new releases and other information about AE CRM becomes available. Each time there is a new unread announcement in What’s New, you’ll see an unread item count in upper right of the Help Launcher icon.


The Walkthroughs section contains a handful of interactive guides that will take you step-by-step through some of the most basic CRM functionality. These guides are a great way to get your feet wet and become comfortable with the basics of using and navigating AE CRM.

Training Resources

This is a direct link to getting started training resources available in our full Help Center with a guided path to learning AE CRM from scratch.

Remote Support Session

Click this link to be taken to the remote support page when when directed by a AdvisorEngine Support rep to begin a remote session.

Contact Us

Need more help? Click Contact Us at the bottom of the launcher to open a form you can fill out and send a ticket directly to our Support Team at any time. Also included in this section are links to the main AE Support page and to initiate a remote support session when directed by an AE Support Rep.

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