Managing Minors

Managing Minors

As each firm does business differently, there is no one best way to track minors in AdvisorEngine CRM. There are three viable options that we recommend depending on your usage:

  • Create a new Record for each minor and link the Records via Relationships.
  • Add each minor as an Informational Contact.
  • Note the minor(s) in Record Notes.

The options and benefits of each are outlined in this table:

New Record Informational Contact Notes
Best for... -Minors who have significant wealth of their own.
-Minors who become clients.
-Viewing basic information within the Parent/Guardian Record.
-Younger children.
-Viewing basic information within the Parent/Guardian Record.
-Younger children.
Reporting Options Record and Actions are fully reportable. Export from Record Relationship Grid only (no global report). Field available from Report Assistant and Record Workspace.
Searching Options Search for minor by name. None. View in Record Workspace Grid.
Making Notes/Logging Actions Add Actions and Notes separate from the Parent/Guardian. No Actions, limited notes. No Actions, freeform text notes.
Correspondence Options Send emails and letters. None. None.
Asset Options Log and view Assets separate from Parent/Guardian. None. None.
Access from Relationships tab Access Minor Record directly from other related Records using the Relationships section. Cannot be linked between Records. Cannot be linked between Records.
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