An Employee Leaves the Firm

An Employee Leaves the Firm

Do you have an employee that is leaving the firm? Here are a few things that you should think about to make sure you have your bases covered.

Remove Their Access

  • When logged in as a CRM Admin, in the Password tab of the User Profile, change the User’s password so they no longer have access to the system.

Clean Up the User Profile

Log in to AE CRM as that User and do the following:

  • Disconnect any integrations they have set up. Be sure to include Email/Calendar in this process. If the user was the primary for any integrations, such as asset import, be sure to set up the integration with another user.
  • If the User has saved any Grid templates that are no longer needed, delete them from the system.

Clean up Actions

Review any cases where items in AE CRM might be assigned to the departing User. Either reassign them each individually or use the Reassign Actions Tool to assign them to another User in bulk.

  • Review the User’s Pending Actions. See Viewing Another User’s Pending Actions if needed. If applicable, unwanted leftover Actions can be completed and marked with an Action Tag of Data Cleanup. 1 Do not erase history by arbitrarly deleting unneeded Actions.
  • Review any Recurring Action Definitions assigned to the User.
  • Review any Workflow Templates assigned to the User.
  • Review any open Opportunities assigned to the User. 1

1 If you use the Reassign Actions Tool for Actions or Opportunities, be sure to reassign only Incomplete and Open items. Do not change history by reassigning Completed or Closed items.

Further CRM Items to Consider

  • If this User has been listed as Advisor 1, Advisor 2, or the CSR on any Records in the system you will need to assign these positions to other Users. These can be reassigned to different Users one at a time or to a single User in bulk with the Record Data Change Tool. Also check any Custom Team Member positions your firm uses.
  • Update any Document Templates that might have that User’s signature listed.
  • Edit the User's Profile and clear the Active checkbox on the Name & Details tab.
  • If you use Records for your individual employees, change the Classification of the Record from Employee to Ex‑employee.
  • Again on the Employee Record, update the Termination Date and Termination Reason in the Engagement section.
  • If the employee was listed on the Authorized Users List (AUL) kept at AdvisorEngine, empowering them to request database changes from Support, contact AdvisorEngine Support to update your AUL.
Tip: For added automation, create a Workflow Template or two that delegates and tracks all tasks that need to be completed when an employee leaves. Include all tasks beyond just changes in the CRM so nothing is overlooked!
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