Can't Log In to the Local Outlook Add-in

Can't Log In to the Local Outlook Add-in

If you are entering your username and password into the Local Outlook Add-in and are unable to successfully log in, there may be an issue with your system time.

First verify that your username and password are correct and your account is not locked by logging into (If this fails, see Can't Log In to AdvisorEngine CRM.)

After verifying that your credentials are correct and your account is not locked, check the time on your PC.

Compare the time in your system tray to a time standard such as or your cellphone network time. If there is a variance greater than 5 minutes from the standard time, your authentication will fail for security purposes.

Adjust your system time to match the government standard. Depending on your network environment this may need to be performed by your IT personnel.

If you still cannot log in to the Outlook Add-in after performing these steps, contact AdvisorEngine Support.

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