New User Module 2-3: Grids and Searching

New User Module 2-3: Grids and Searching

Grid Navigation

Learn all the flips and switches in a Grid to help you refine the view of your data. Navigating Grids

Grid Tools

Learn about the various tools in a Grid that let you control what data you see.

Grids Overview

Sorting Grids

Filtering Grids

Grouping Grids

Customizing Grid Columns

Exporting Grid Contents

Grid Templates

Learn how to keep Grid settings that work well for you. Creating and Using Grid Templates

Basic Search

Learn the details of the most common type of CRM Search. Performing Basic Searches

Quick Search

Learn about this special search for Records and Actions. Performing Quick Searches

Advanced Search

If Grid tools, Basic Searches, or Advanced Searches aren’t getting the results you need, Advanced Searches offer far greater complexity and flexibility.

Creating Advanced Searches

Using and Managing Advanced Searches

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