New User Module 2-2: Actions

New User Module 2-2: Actions

Overview of Actions and Workflow

Learn what Actions are, how they fit into Workflows and basic uses for them.

Actions Overview

Workflow Overview

Action Summary Overview

The primary means of viewing an Action is in the context of its Workflow, or as it’s sometimes called, the Action Summary view. Learn about the additional details and broader perspective that this view provides. Action Summary Overview

Viewing a Single Action

Take a closer look at a single Action, what content can be stored, and what features are available. Action Fields Overview

Adding and Assigning Actions

Learn how to start a new Workflow chain by adding a new Action or entire Workflow series.

Adding New Actions or Workflows

Editing Actions

Continuing a Workflow

Learn how to continue the story of a Workflow that has already been set in motion. Adding and Reorganizing Workflow Steps

Finding Actions

There’s no new ground to cover here, nearly everything you know about finding Records also applies to Actions. You can use the last 20 jump-list, Basic and Quick Search in the Action Workspace, filter a Grid, or open the Actions section of a Record to narrow your view and find what you’re looking for.

Monitoring My Pending Actions

You’ve already seen the Pending and Past Due Action Workspaces, but here you can learn about staying on top of new arrivals with the Alerts and FYI features of AE CRM. Action and FYI Alerts Overview

Completing Actions

Learn methods for completing a single Action and when to use which methods. Completing Actions
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