New User Module 2-1: Records

New User Module 2-1: Records

Understanding Records and the Record/Person Structure

Learn the fundamentals of how Records function in AE CRM. Records Overview

Creating Records

Learn how to create new Records and what should go into them.

Adding a New Record

Important Record Fields

Linking a Person to More than One Record

Searching for Records

Learn how to effectively locate and work in the Records in your database beyond the Jump List and Grid tools already covered.

Performing Record Searches

Performing Basic Searches

Navigating Within a Record

Learn the tools for navigating within a Record itself.

Record Navigation Overview

Record Detail Sections

Learn the areas of a Record, what is stored there, and dig deeper into the uses as you need. (Don't dig into any of the Related Articles just yet.) Record Detail Overview

The Record Summary

Learn what you can quickly see in the Record Summary and what important settings are made in the Record Summary.

Record Summary Overview

Adding a Record Reminder

Classifications and Tags

Classifications and Tags are the backbone of reporting effectively on your Records. Learn how to use them in a way that compliments your firm’s practices. Classifying and Tagging Records

Contact Information

Contact Information in AE CRM is stored differently than you might expect to allow for great flexibility in communicating with your clients. Learn how to store and use each type of Contact Information available in a Record.

Contact Info Overview

Adding Phone Numbers

Adding Email Addresses

Adding Mailing Addresses

Linking Mailing Addresses

Adding Social Media or Web Links

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