Ongoing Education Recordings

Ongoing Education Recordings

The class recordings below are suitable for experienced AdvisorEngine users.

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Tracking Professional Records: Trusts, 401k, and Other Entities

Class Materials

Records can be used for a variety of purposes beyond simple client data. In this session, we’ll take a look at the 3 most common types of entity Records (Trusts, 401k’s and Company Records) and look at best practice options for those Records.

In this class you will:

  • Determine what fields should be filled out when creating an Entity Record, including how to create a Person 1 when there is not a single standout point of contact.
  • Discover when a Trust should be its own Record or listed under Financials on a Client’s Record.
  • Learn how to add multiple Trustees or Participants to an Entity Record.
  • Look at how Correspondence should be handled on the Entity Record vs the Individual’s Record.

Managing Divorced and Deceased Records

Class Materials

Sample Workflow

Records are a great way to store all information for a household as your relationship with your clients continues over time. But what about when their own relationships change? Check out this class to see some best ways of keeping Records straight, data clean, and having a solid paper trail for clients in the event of divorces and passing.

Drive Efficiency with AE CRM and the Schwab OpenView Gateway

Class Materials

In this class you will learn:

  • How to activate the integration and enroll users
  • How to access the Live Data from Schwab Advisor Center from within the Accounts/Assets tab
  • About the types of Live Data available including Alerts, Holdings, Transactions
  • How to create an action or launch an action sequence directly from within the Schwab OpenView Gateway alerts tab and view the corresponding alert from within a CRM Action.

Streamline Your Service Model

Class Materials

Learn how AE CRM can help you:

  • Meet service levels accurately and systematically.
  • Report on service data across your client base and/or firm.
  • Become more efficient managing client service time.

Audit-ready with AdvisorEngine CRM

Class Materials

Sample Audit Request Letter

Being audited can be less intimidating if you have properly populated the appropriate data fields in AE CRM, maintain that data over time, and demonstrate a culture of compliance. In this session we not only discuss what to populate but how to locate and pull the reports that will aid you in preparing for an audit.


Staying on top of RMD information for your clients is essential. In this class you will learn:

  • How to set up Records to reflect RMD requirements.
  • How to identify who needs to take RMD’s.
  • How to track who has taken an RMD for the year.

Join us as we learn how to leverage AE CRM to effectively manage this ongoing project.

Maintaining an Efficient and Useful Database

Class Materials

Find out how performing periodic data checks can optimize not only how your system performs, but also how your firm manages client data. If outdated or duplicate information is cluttering your CRM database, it’s time for cleaning! Performing a thorough data check at least once per year helps to ensure AE CRM is running smoothly with the most current data possible. Don’t sacrifice office efficiency by working with inaccurate data!

In this class, you will:

  • Learn what data you should be checking on a regular basis.
  • Hear ideas on how to make your customizable drop-down lists more helpful.
  • Review examples of client data checks using Searches and Grids.
  • See suggested ways for cleaning up Actions to ensure they are easier to find.
  • Get tips on how to organize and clean up Document Templates, Searches, and Reports.

As we highlight CRM features – Record Data Change Tool, Asset Data Change Tool, Grids, Report Assistant, and Document Templates - you’ll see how much a database cleaning can benefit your firm.

CRM Chat Archives

CRM Chat was a monthly series designed to provide answers to commonly asked questions, highlight new enhancements and existing features, and engage our users in a regular, interactive forum. Each month, the format and topics are different! Below you will find the list of past CRM Chats and the topics covered.

Recording Topics Covered
August 2022
  • The New Profile Information Page
  • Ask the Pros!
June 2022
  • Grids and Reporting Basics
  • The Help Center
  • Ask the Pros!
May 2022
  • New Record Profile Preview
  • New Dashboards Preview
  • Ask the Pros!
April 2022
  • New Record Fields and Options
  • Feature Security Health Check
  • Ask the Pros!
March 2022
  • Grids and Pending Actions
  • Inbox Routing Rules
  • Ask the Pros!
February 2022
  • Record Landing Page
  • Tracking Birthdays and Gifts
  • Ask the Pros!
January 2022
  • Record Layout Configuration
  • List Maintenance Auditing/Review
  • Ask the Pros!
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